Undergraduate Students

Jakob Burns

I am Jakob Burns, a junior at Colorado State University- Pueblo. I am a Biology (Terrestrial Wildlife) major and I plan on going to work for the Division of Wildlife (DOW) and becoming either a Game Warden or a Property Technician in the future. I’ve always loved the outdoors any chance I can get to plan a camping trip I would go; I also love to hunt and fish. Becoming a Game Warden or a Property Technician I will be able to help the outdoors stay clean and help protect the wildlife along helping the public stay safe. I’m part of a research group with Dr. Nate Bickford of mark and recapture of lagomorphs to find population sizes all over Pueblo Colorado. I am from Pueblo Colorado and I’m excited to see the different population sizes of the lagomorphs because I will find it interesting to see where most of them are located since I’ve lived her my whole life.

Angeline Canney 

Angeline Canney was born in 1992 in Florida, she grew up surfing and enjoying the outdoors.  She is now a senior at CSU-Pueblo studying Wildlife and Natural Resource management. An Army veteran, an avid reader and the Vice President at Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary. When she grows up (if that ever happens) her goals are to become a conservation ecologist with a focus on human interactions.  She has presented research at the American Field ornithologist conference in 2019. I participate in The Wildlife Society Quiz Bowl team

Diego Duran

I would like to one day become a Behavioral Ecologist in order to deepen my understandings of the wildlife around me. Currently I am the Senator of the College of Science and Mathematics and I am planning a campaign to run for president in the school year 20-21. I also am an active member in CSU-Pueblo’s Medical Science Society where I am the current treasurer and I participate in The Wildlife Society Quiz Bowl team. Other than my co-curricular activities, I work at Parkview Medical Center, the Science Learning Center, I’m a new student orientation leader, and I do undergraduate research for CBASE where I study avian diversity in southern Colorado.

Amanda Fullard

Hello, my name is Amanda and I am a Biology undergraduate student attending Colorado State University Pueblo. I decided to switch majors from Psychology to Biology because of my deep love for all things plant and plant related – including insects, arachnids, soil, and fungi. I am currently conducting Aquaponics research under Dr. Nate Bickford at CSU Pueblo.  We are exploring the effects of a sulphur compound on the growth and development of basil and cannabis. I am particularly interested in integrating fungi into aquaponics systems and studying the interaction between fungi, bacteria, and plants in those systems. I am also a member of the CSU Pueblo community garden team, regularly volunteer to help clean up local parks and trails, have a large seasonal outdoor vegetable garden, and own collection of over 125 unique varieties of tropical and desert houseplants. I am the mother of two beautiful children, a pekingese, leopard gecko, a cat, 3 fancy goldfish and a pit bull mix. In plant unrelated hobbies I hike, knit, crochet, and collect vintage to antique cast iron cookware and fountain pens.

Shawna Overby

I am currently a junior at Colorado State University -Pueblo. My major is biology with a pre vet focus. Currently I am progressing through my bacterial ecology in reaction to sulfurous compounds research. In my free time I breed python brongersmai, or the Sumatran red blood python, with emphasis in the slack line gene as well as python regius, or ball pythons. Currently I am also in the processing of learning the ins and outs of animal behavior and behavioral reconditioning. 

Austin Barnes

Austin Barnes was born in North Carolina in 1995 and has spent his life being curious about the outdoors. He served in a Military Police unit in the United States Army for five years. Upon the completion of his Army contract Austin enrolled in the Wildlife and Natural Resources Program at Colorado State University-Pueblo. Austin is passionate about people and wildlife. His long term goal is to merge those two passions by becoming a Game Warden. Austin’s interests include birds of prey, prairie dogs, and how people and wildlife interact. Austin looks forward to continuing his research and pursuing his long term career goals. 

Sedona Sargent

I am Sedona Sargent, a freshman at Colorado State University- Pueblo. I am a biology (Pre-vet) major and plan on going to vet school and being a veterinarian in the future. I am a student athlete here at CSU-Pueblo and play for the women’s lacrosse team. I have been participating in undergraduate research under Professor Bickford on aquaponics and the effect of a sulfur compound on basil plants. I am also a part of the honors program and participate in volunteer work with fellow honors students in Pueblo. I am from Bellingham Washington and spend my time on the bay and in the mountains when I’m back home, hiking and swimming with my dogs.

Past Undergraduates

Breana Dobesh

Bre is a freshman at the University of Nebraska – Kearney, majoring in Wildlife Biology. She is originally from Grand Island, Nebraska, and has always been interested in animals and nature. After she gets her BS in Wildlife Biology, she hopes to get a job in conservation, and possibly work towards getting a MS in Biology. For her undergrad research project, Bre will be looking at how land use affects the habitat of prey for predatory birds, and their availability, in rural Nebraska. She will be trapping and observing the prey in local cornfield ditches, to correlate the location and habitat of these small mammals with the effect of hunting availability for the local birds of prey.

Jasye Morrison

Jasye is a freshman Pre-Nursing student with a specific interest in pediatric nutrition. She is beginning a study focused on residential influences on pediatric nutrition and dietary choices. With the results of this study, she hopes to identify deciding factors in children’s food choices, and begin to test how these factors can be influenced to produce a healthier diet. Jasye is a freshman Pre-Nursing student with a specific interest in pediatric nutrition. She is also a participant in the University of Nebraska at Kearney Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program. Through that program, she is beginning a study focused on residential influences on pediatric nutrition and dietary choices. With the results of this study, she hopes to identify deciding factors in children’s food choices, and begin to test how these factors can be influenced to produce a healthier diet.

Mallory Hays

My name is Mallory Hays and I am currently a freshman at UNK. I am majoring in Wildlife Biology with a minor in Mathematics. I am from Papillion, Nebraska and graduated from Papillion-LaVista South High School. For the duration of my junior and senior year, I participated in the Zoo Academy Program and took courses at the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. While there, I conducted two research projects and presented them at the Metropolitan Science and Engineering Fair in 2015 and 2016; one consisted of various species of bats and their taste/smell preferences, the other was looking at the correlation between mate choice and egg success on King Penguins. I have also volunteered in collecting data for the Nebraska Watershed Network Omaha Project in 2016. I am a member and participant of the Wildlife Society Club on campus. My current research project is a continuum of the correlation between mate choice and egg success in the King Penguin species in captivity. By doing a continuation, this allows me to see if colony size is a factor between this correlation observed. Doing this project will create an enhanced knowledge of king penguins which will allow zoos and other captive king penguins a higher quality of life and understanding.

Tyler Schnitzler

Tyler Schnitzler is currently an undergrad at the University of Nebraska-Kearney. He received his high school diploma at Kenesaw Public Schools. A passion for the outdoors and wildlife has driven his pursuit of a biology degree with an emphasis in wildlife. Tyler is currently conducting research on the bioremediation of agricultural wastewater. He hopes his research can help extract excess nutrients from our states reservoirs. 

Tyan Boyer

Tyan is a sophomore from Plainview, Nebraska majoring in Exercise Science and minoring in Health Sciences with a Pre-Physical Therapy emphasis. He primarily works in the Aquaponics lab. Tyan’s inspiration to work in this particular field came from having Dr. Bickford as his Biology lab professor in his first semester on campus. After having a conversation with Dr. Bickford about wanting to positively impact people on a larger scale, he landed in Aquaponics and has been hooked ever since. This is his second year in the lab. He is currently working on analyzing the effects of warmer, temperature controlled water on an ecosystem as opposed to room temperature tanks.

Tanner Johnson

Tanner Johnson is a third year undergraduate Biology major with a pre-veterinarian emphasis. He was raised in Hastings, Nebraska and has always had a strong passion for being in the outdoors and being around animals. He enjoys hiking, kayaking, fishing and anything that deals with the outdoors. Three years ago he was accepted into the University of Kearney where he plans to finish his undergraduate degree before moving on to veterinarian school. After veterinarian school, he plans to work with small mammals at a clinic and possibly with some exotic animals. Tanner’s current undergraduate research involves designing a middle to high school level curriculum that is centered around aquaponics and all of the interactions that are involved with it. Being able to look at a system as a whole and understand all of the interactions that are happening within it not only helps to discover new things that were previously unknown about the subject, but is also an important skill that can be carried over into many other fields of study. By developing a curriculum that involves a fully functional ecosystem, that occurs in the everyday world, will be a innovative and fun way to teach young students about the worlds water systems and how each individual plays an important role in the overall functioning of the ecosystem.

Riley Couch

Riley Couch is an undergraduate Biology Education student. He was raised in Wyoming and Colorado with a strong passion for the outdoors. He enjoys hunting and fishing and the complex interactions that drive our ecosystems. He attended Blacks Hills State, before attending the University of Nebraska Kearney to complete his undergraduate. He plans to go on to teach High School Students.

My current work involves creating a high school level curriculum around an aquaponics system. There are many things that can be learned from this system, and many things can further the learning of students in a high school biology class. The curriculum will help students look at water systems, interactions of individuals, and the ecosystem, and aquaponics systems. 

Emily Laub

Emily Laub is currently a freshman majoring in Biology with an emphasis in Pre-Medicine. She is a member of the UNK Honors Program and of the Color Guard during marching band season. She is from Grand Island, Nebraska and graduated from Northwest High School. Emily plans to attend medical school after completing her Bachelor’s degree and possibly study to become a nurse anesthetist. Birds have always been one of her main hobbies, and her research will focus on comparing the DNA of goshawks from different regions to see how interrelated the birds are. 

Riley Couch – Science Curriculum

Tanner Johnson – Science Curriculum

Tyler Egenberger – Science Curriculum

Seth Schuessler – Science Curriculum

Mathew Fischer – Science Curriculum

Brad Blevins – Small mammal location – moved

Alexis Milburn – Small mammal location

Tabetha Reiman – Small mammal location

Kelsey Menke – Small mammal location

Landri Swett – Small mammal location

 Latjor 2 Wal – Small mammal location

Nick Hinz – road kill raptor numbers

Jazmin Sanchez – Aquaponics

Kaitlyn Zitek– Aquaponics

Andrew Schissel – Aquaponics